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Internet Adoption Turns into Child Trafficking


The use of the Internet as a way to advertise  unwanted children has surfaced recently. The horrors of this method of adoption were revealed when Todd and Melissa Puchalla shared their experience with online adoption. The couple had adopted a teenage girl named Quita from Liberia a few years ago and decided they couldn’t handle […]

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Photography project turns into search for trafficking victim


One man, a travel photographer, is going to be spending the next 6 months on a unique journey. Five years ago, the photographer, Ben, traveled to Asia, photographing many of the beautiful people he met. Now he returns to work on what he’s calling the “Human, Earth Project”. Ben will travel back to the places […]

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Candidates Keep Quiet


On Tuesday, the United States Presidential Candidates discussed a major topic concerning jobs around the country. But, what wasn’t discussed is the major problem of outsourcing, or near slavery, in other countries such as China. According to Paul Sterne from Ground Report, Chinese factory workers are disrespected, isolated, living in crammed quarters, and rarely allowed […]

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