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Sex Trafficking Victims Finally Getting New Name in Court

Victims of sex trafficking are tired of hearing the phrase “prostitutes,” especially since most of them had no choice when they were being solicited. As part of the new change, victims who have been arrested will have the chance to work instead of going in and out of jail multiple times. Click the link below […]

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Here’s A Heartbreaking Look At Child Sex Slavery In America

Two survivors of sex trafficking have discovered that, a website for posting classified ads, played a large role in worsening the years they spent in childhood prostitution. The survivors have decided to sue Backpage on account of the website’s infamous “escorts” section. Why is it so easy for people to be bought online like objects? Read more […]

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‘Laughing’ traffickers ram boat full of migrants and kill 500, survivors say As many as 500 migrants died in the Mediterranean Sea after human traffickers intentionally sunk their boat, said the International Organization for Migration on Tuesday. It is estimated that 400 men and women were on board, and 100 children. Survivors say that the traffickers became enraged after they refused to move to a […]

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