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Trafficking survivor brings new insight


This past Thursday, I had the honor of listening to human trafficking survivor, Rachel Lloyd, speak at Northern Kentucky University. I didn’t know much about her before I went, but I was instantly impressed and inspired with all she has been able to do. Rachel Lloyd founded the organization G.E.M.S (Girls Educational and Mentoring Services) […]

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Mark R. Elliot’s Abstract Highlights Staggering Stats In Europe

  ABSTRACT from “Faith-Based Responses to Trafficking in Women from Eastern Europe”   Trafficking in women is widely reported to be the third most lucrative branch of international crime after contraband weapons and drugs.  It preys on economically desperate women and is fueled by the lure of extraordinary profits and a very low risk of arrest. […]

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Lip balm used to heal trafficking wounds

2013-04-13 14.25.19

Kentucky is the commonwealth known for horses. Strong stallions bred to run on tracks across the state are used to bring in a huge income for owners and sometimes gamblers. And while some may be concerned with gambling and the abuse of horses (which is another topic for another day) another form of abuse goes […]

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