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Is There Hope for the Girls and Women of India?

Every 20 minutes, a woman is raped in India. If you think that is shocking, you have no idea. These are just the reported rape cases. This does not take into account rape as a result of trafficking. The Times of India reported that “crimes against women have increased by 7.1% nationwide since 2010, and […]

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Spring Break: Make a Difference On Your Way

Before you even start reading…write down the phone number pictured above in your wallet or in your phone. ——————- Spring break is a little less than 2 weeks away. For those of us who are driving somewhere, it is possibly the most important time to be on the lookout for sex-trafficking situations. At Asbury, we […]

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Anti-Sex Trafficking Organizations and Blogs

Anti-Sex Trafficking Organizations and Blogs: 1. A21 Campaign Focus: Rescue, Restoration Countries: Greece, Ukraine After extensive research, planning, fundraising, more research, relationship building, a lot of learning, and a great leap of faith, we opened our first shelter for victims of human trafficking at the end of 2008.  We are now able to provide trafficked […]

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